What is a Resource Planner? A resource planner is someone in a company whose job is to figure out the required resource for a certain business’ success. Usual things that a resource planner should list down as necessary are staff, essential equipment, staff or mentors, and monetary resource as well. It is deemed crucial for a business to have a good resource planner. Without one, a company may fail to recognize what they lack and what they need to improve on. For example, a shipping a company without a Resource planner may fail to acknowledge the lack of cargo ships caused by heavy loads of clients that need to ship their products immediately, thus causing a bad reputation for the corporation.

Another important role of a resource planner is to know where to get the needed sources and who they should approach for the lowest possible charge. It is important not only to know what are the things needed, but also where to find the cheapest ones. Example (finding the cheapest cloth with high quality for a T-shirt business) Summarizing everything, a Resource Planner is a vital part of a company’s success. Even though it seems minimal of a role to play, a company without a resource planner makes encountering pit falls and blind spots an inevitability.

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