How data warehousing improve efficiency of erp system

In any organization, data warehousing is important as it provides complete information regarding the enterprise’s decision-making procedures. Below are the key benefits of the data warehousing in relation to the ERP: First, a data warehouse is capable of providing full information regarding the organization. Therefore, it helps decision-makers in coming up with the correct decisions.

With the aid of the ERP, they are able to improve on important organizational management tools. Again, a Datawarehouse with the help of the ERP system keeps the institution information a common place. However, this enables the staff to retrieve information from the system easily and faster. Also, the ERP stores the information in multi sources and thus chances of it being lost are minimized.

The implementation of data in a data warehouse is sourced from several ERP sources and the stores in common system. How, through the ERP, each department within the institution is capable of producing accurate information easily and with confidence.

However, data warehousing is sometimes faced with challenges when implemented in ERP system. It takes a lot of time to collect together all the information in an organization since the ERP stores them in multiple sources. Also, it is takes a tedious manual process of getting access to data, gathering it together and finally writing a report.

Can any user of the cloud ERP provide the benefits gain?

A Cloud-based Enterprise resource planning system is considered beneficial to different users. This is because it facilitates the flow of information between departments by centralizing and unifying organizational data. According to Stephen Harwood, the author of ERP: The Implementation Cycle, enterprise resource planning benefits the CEO, managers, and employees, by providing unified real-time data that can be used in organizational decision-making. The following are some of the benefits that users of ERP can gain from the system.

Reduced Work Duplication

The ability of the ERP to unify organizational tasks and make them available to staff members often ensures that the users of the system have minimal duplication of tasks. As a result, users of the ERP can increase its level of efficiency and effectiveness in performing tasks

Improved Decision Making

ERP creates shared databases that ensure users like the board of directors and managers receive information on time. Hence, users can make informed decisions within the shortest time possible, thus improving the tedious task of making decisions.

Increases User Adaptability

A properly implemented cloud ERP ensures that users have the necessary information to adapt to different organizational tasks. This is because the ERP is not only a source of information but also a tool that can be used to improve user skills and knowledge of the organization.


What is a Resource Planner? A resource planner is someone in a company whose job is to figure out the required resource for a certain business’ success. Usual things that a resource planner should list down as necessary are staff, essential equipment, staff or mentors, and monetary resource as well. It is deemed crucial for a business to have a good resource planner. Without one, a company may fail to recognize what they lack and what they need to improve on. For example, a shipping a company without a Resource planner may fail to acknowledge the lack of cargo ships caused by heavy loads of clients that need to ship their products immediately, thus causing a bad reputation for the corporation.

Another important role of a resource planner is to know where to get the needed sources and who they should approach for the lowest possible charge. It is important not only to know what are the things needed, but also where to find the cheapest ones. Example (finding the cheapest cloth with high quality for a T-shirt business) Summarizing everything, a Resource Planner is a vital part of a company’s success. Even though it seems minimal of a role to play, a company without a resource planner makes encountering pit falls and blind spots an inevitability.